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Service Required:

Spring Openers
Roll-up Gates


I was impressed to have what must be the best looking garage door installer in the business helping with the installation. Mr James Brooklyn.

Very good service from start to finish.
Ms Whitwick Brooklyn


Garage Door Brooklyn Garage Door New York

Garage Door Brooklyn always consider ways in which to reduce the overall cost to its customers, and for this reason we do not mail out brochures, but instead provide either an estimate service or a survey free of charge. To assist you in making your initial selection, we have designed our web-site to identify door Style Categories, each being depicted by an illustration and a general list of door finishes.

Style Categories may contain more than one design, and brochures illustrating these are made available during the survey, at which time the various materials and finishes are also discussed. Precise measurements are taken, and your requirements are matched against a wide product range from leading manufacturers. You will be informed on the standard and optional features of the doors you select, as well as glazing and automation options if applicable. We inform you of the current total price, which includes the product price and the installation charge plus VAT, and if an insurance claim is being made we provide a written quotation. Garage Door Brooklyn have a strict 'No Sales Pressure' policy, and although we would be delighted to take your order at the time of the survey, it is not necessary at that stage.
It is to be borne in mind however, that long delays could result in disappointment, if manufacturers change their product portfolio or increase their prices.


The Style Category pages on our website enable you to select door styles of interest, glazing options and automatic openers, and identify whether you require an estimated price or a survey. The information is down-loaded to an E-mail screen on to which you add your Name, E-mail address and day-time Telephone Number/s. If a survey is preferred, you will need to enter the address where the survey is to take place, and if an estimated price is sufficient, you will need to enter the width and height of your garage opening. In addition to selecting Style Categories form our web-site, the E-mail screen allows you to identify specific doors to be included. Garage Door Brooklyn is a USA based company and location restrictions to the services being offered will apply. Due to screen technology, colors shown on our web-site may vary from the colours of the actual product.